New Certora dashboard login

We are happy to announce that we are migrating to a new user management system that will use your email to access the Certora Prover dashboard. Decoupling your account from a specific key will allow us to introduce features which will dramatically improve your developer experience in the future.

The migration to the new system is set to occur on Sunday, November 5th. You will receive a welcome email with an initial password and a link to the new login page.

Please follow these instructions:

  • Once you receive the welcome email, log out of your accounts dashboard at Certora website

  • Click the LOGIN TO CERTORA link from the email. You will be redirected to the new login page and will be asked to change the initial password to activate your account

  • Follow the password prompts to authenticate the new password

  • After the initial login, replace the current Certora’s login page in your bookmarks with:

Once the steps above are done, your email address is going to be used as your username to login to Certora’s website (Prover dashboard) and it’s going to replace the Certora Prover key during login.

The Certora key will be used to run Prover as usual.

Note: We are going to retain the current login page (using the Certora Prover key) active until November 19th. However, we encourage you not to use it after your account is activated.

If you haven’t received the welcome email by November 15th EOD, please contact us on #help-desk channel in our Discord server.