Rules Report Release Notes

0.5.6 (October 24, 2023)


  • [feat] Shareable report button

  • [feat] Foldable call trace

  • [feat] Added view of .conf files in the source files tab

  • [feat] New Tracking Points feature in the call trace

  • [feat] Added support for Witness examples view

  • [feat] Added link to the unsat core page inside info tab

  • [feat] Added job status at the top level

  • [feat] Default first load of the report shows the spec file and rules tab only

  • [feat] Display the report version in the info tab

  • [feat] Added a floating column option for the main sidebar

  • [feat] Added animated icons for jobs status in progress

  • [feat] Files tab keeps expanded files state

  • [feat] Improved filter, filter highlight, and search highlight functionality inside call resolutions

  • [feat] Added code editor scroll position to state

  • [feat] Added columns width to local storage

  • [feat] Removed cancel job button from the report

  • [feat] Removed auto-scroll in call Trace

  • [feat] Improved drop filters

  • [feat] Improved component’s state handling

  • [feat] Added upload failed view


  • [bugfix] Fixed the issue of selected file not being shown in the file tree

  • [bugfix] Fixed call resolution empty state issue

  • [bugfix] Fixed global problems empty state issue

  • [bugfix] Support for view of files with same name in different folders

  • [bugfix] Support file opening twice

  • [bugfix] Fixed handling collapse functionality when data is filtered

  • [bugfix] Fixed Firefox warnings on the source files tab

  • [bugfix] Fixed filter and collapse on contracts and global call resolution tabs to be consistent

  • [bugfix] Fixed contracts tab to show more/less and line breaks

  • [bugfix] Fixed UI breaking when selecting a new rule

  • [bugfix] Fixed issue of multi counter example shown without call trace

  • [bugfix] Fixed call resolution opening two items by default instead of one

  • [bugfix] Fixed view of job run time to excluded the time the job waited in the queue

  • [bugfix] Fixed variables sorting order