2.1. Installation and Setup#

Prover installation#

Refer to the installation instructions for the Certora Prover described in: Installation of Certora Prover. Note you will need an appropriate Java version for the local type-checking to work, refer to the Installation of Certora Prover instructions.

You will also need solidity compiler versions 0.7.0, 0.8.0, 0.8.1, and 0.8.13 for this course. You can either download these to a folder included in your PATH, or use some other tool allowing to switch between solidity compilers, such as solc-select.

Course Setup#

Clone our Certora Tutorials Code repository, this includes all the code examples used in the tutorials.


Don’t forget to update your cloned repository often.

Additional resources#

  • Register to our Discord Server.

  • Use the #help-desk and #tutorials-questions channels to post questions and get answers.


We’ve added solutions to some of the more difficult exercises. You can find them in the solutions folder.